Trading Tips 4: Psychology, GREED : When Traders Overdo It And When To Stop.

There are two bad ways a trader reacts in his everyday trading life.
• Being scared, doing nothing, cutting trades short and not following trading plans.
• Wanting to “eat the world” and doing too much, over trading, mismanaging risks and rewards, and not following trading plans.

While some may argue that doing nothing is better than doing bad, and others can say that the only way to learn is by messing up, the truth is ...
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Genetic Evolution and Genetic Algorithms

Genetic evolution is the key pillar of our approach.

Genetic Algorithms were invented to mimic some of the processes observed in natural evolution.

The idea with GA is to use this power of evolution to solve problems with unknown parameters. In other word, it is finding solutions to problems we don't know... hence the "survival of the fittest" approach that we will explain deeper below.

What does it mean in term of trading?

The FOREX market can be very unpredictable fro ...
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Applying Monte Carlo Analysis in FOREX Trading.

When you have been understanding FOREX algorithmic trading for a while, it’s common for anyone to over-optimize their strategies. However, FOREX being a volatile market means that getting used to specific industry parameters is highly detrimental for any possibility of profit for in the long-term (even when using short-term approaches). To avoid falling down that over-optimized hole, to use the Monte Carlo Analysis is what we need.

This is an essential test we use to ensure we don't get f ...
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How To Use Price Channel For Signal Following

"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious." 

Sun Tzu.

Seeing how profitable it can be to start venturing into the world of FOREX (Foreign Exchange) trading, many investors are drawn towards this market looking to apply their regular stock trading abilities into a more diverse market. 
FOREX analysis is both the work and the ability to evaluate the fluctuatio ...
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Understanding FOREX Brokerage

The FOREX market is the largest and most liquid market in the world.

This is due to it being a globally accessed industry, one where millions of traders perform their transactions on a daily basis from thousands of locations around the world. The result is the value of billions of dollars being exchanged every day.  


We know that sounds very enticing, and that is why choosing a g ...
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Trading Tips 3 - Lining Up All Elements _Part3_ Ryan did it!

Hi Fellow Trader, Hi Ryan!

"Eighty percent of success is showing up. –Woody Allen"

That's a quote that Ryan could have told us. Indeed after the article Trading Tips 3 - Lining Up All Elements _Part1 , Ryan actually decided to follow all the 4 signals we were highlighting as potentially interesting, and offering potential to soon create some great opportunities.


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Introduction To Managing Funds And Risk In Forex

FOREX trading can be a wonderfully profitable industry when approached correctly. Because of that, every day sees new traders coming into said market to exploit its liquidity and global presence.

However, foreign currency trading, as profitable as it may be, is still trading. As such, managing funds and risk in FOREX is fundamental if you don’t want to lose all your profits, or worse, lose all your capital.

But, you needn’t worry. Here, you’ll find what we insist we do when mana ...
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